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Packaged Water Cooled Horizontal Type


Each unit is factory charged with refrigerant R410A, which is deemed to have zero Ozone depletion potential.

Air Coil
Die formed plate type aluminium fins mechanically bonded to high efficiency inner grooved copper tubes.

Water Coil
Copper tube in tube type with refrigerant flow in the inside tube. Designed to a maximum water pressure of 1500kPa (215psi).

Galvanised steel construction, closed cell foam lined compressor and fan compartments with an insulated and powder coated drain tray for complete moisture protection. The drain tray is easily removed for inspection and cleaning.

Air Filter
An optional filter integrated return air spigot is available on all models. The filter is a washable polypropylene net media. Care should be taken, when locating each unit that enough space is provided to enable the one-piece filter to be withdrawn to its full length form either side of the unit.

These units use hermetically sealed high efficiency compressors. Models WPR4-9.5 have rotary compressors, WRP12-38 have scroll compressors. WPR units are well insulated to minimize condensation and attenuate noise.

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