Rooftop with In-built Economy Cycle Units


- PHS8-PHSS35 single stage
- PH40-PH200 two stage
- PHS8-PHS35 direct drive evaporator fan
- PH40-PHS200 belt drive evaporator fan
- Automatic de-ice
- Crankcase heater
- 24 volt control
- Galvanised steel panelling
- Durable powder coated cabinet
- External stainless steel fittings
- Easy access panels with turn lock handles, no screws
- 25mm insulation
- Fault output for CBUS DDC Control
- Coil corrosion protection
- High quality scroll compressors
- High/low pressure protection for compressor
- Time delay protection for compressor
- Limit start timer
- Quiet & efficient
- Independent defrost dual circuit unit for two stage units
- Phase reverse protection
- Optional electric reheat high temperature protection
- Overload protection for both indoor and outdoor
- MEPS approved
- Manufactured for Australian Standard & Conditions
- High quality control procedures

- R410a refrigerant is used in standard units
*Units with R407c refrigerant are available on request.

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