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Double Skin Floor Mounted Air Handling Unit

Standard Features

- Flame resistant high strength double panel construction
- Double skin 25mm polyurethane insulation
- Forward curved centrifugal fan
- Power coated galvanized steel drip tray
- Left or right piping connection available
- Easy access panel
- Copper tube aluminum fin
- 4 pipe system for cooling and heating
- Rippled fin heat exchangers to regulate cooling & heating
- Unit designed to enable add-on electric heater, humidifying devices & controls
- Access doors with handlers for easy access & maintenance

Optional Features

- 50mm / 75mm insulation
- Backward curved centrifugal fan/EC plug fan
- Copper tube & copper fin
- Stainless drip tray
- Fan motor upgrade for high ESP
- Panel filter & deep bag filter
- Electrical heating
- Mixing plenum
- Copper heat and copper tube
- Filter plenum
- Slightly modified dimension to suit application (if feasible)
customized dimension

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